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Jim Nanney

Perpetual Student of Software Craftsmanship

About Me

Picture of Jim Nanney My name is Jim Nanney. As the title of the blog suggests, I am a perpetual student of software craftsmanship. That means I enjoy thinking about design, planning, building, and everything related to software construction until it becomes artwork created by a true craftsman. One day, I will be that craftsman.

I’ve done many things with computers since I was a young kid in the early 80’s. My first computer was purchased in 1980 and had so little room on it that this page wouldn’t even fit. Since that time I seem to have become a jack of all trades. I have run BBSs (pre-internet message boards). I have been a systems admin and network admin. And yes, I have some pretty good linux chops. At the urging of a good friend I went on to obtain my RHCE in 2010. As for software, I have written C and Assembly code for software and firmware. I have built hardware devices including my own VGA card.

Currently I live in Biloxi, MS and work as a developer building web applications. I am a father of 3 wonderful girls and a husband to the most intelligent, beautiful, creative woman in the world.

In my free time, and as a hobbyist, I build iphone apps and I am in the process of learning Ruby and Rails. Ruby seems to be the most fun language I have ever dealt with. The Ruby community is a fantastic welcoming, diverse group. I had the pleasure of attending RubyConf 2012 and even brought my wife along. Not only has it peaked her interest, starting her on the path of software development, it has completely changed my whole outlook. I now see a large developer community that shares the same ideals about design and development that I have.

I have a new found love of Ruby and its community. I am working toward learning and mastering Ruby and hope to share my knowledge along the way here.