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Code Happy

What a wonderful day today turned out to be. I slept so little last night, fought poor variable naming at work, had a phone conversation with another company about possibly coming to work for them, decided it was a bad choice, couldn’t nap after work, and after all that, began to enjoy myself.

I pair programmed with a new friend thanks to the #pairwithme hashtag. From sending out that tweet, I met @Mattr. He introduced me to a project that needed some refactoring love. He drove, I learned lots and contributed a little. But in the end, I got to become entranced in a new project, and even better, gained a pet project to level up on using pull requests. I learn best by doing, but occasionally I require the mentoring of someone more versed in the project/language. Open source software and pairing really gives both of those to me.

Overall, it just caused me to get into a happy coding place, one that is collaborative an communicative.

I wish you all find that place.

Code Happy!